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For as long as I can remember, I was always passionate about being myself and creating a career that was going to allow me to work from home, be with my kids, do what I love to do and impact the world someway.

Therefore, I fell in love with the idea that as a designer I could also create and design the life that I wanted to have and help others do the same.


But how could I possibly be called to do all the things that motivated me? How could I put all that I love to do under one brand, and become my own boss? How could I be called to lead when I thought I was far from perfect?


I was just a mother of four with zero experience, no qualifications, no credentials, no savings, barely any time for myself and no clue about where to start, or which direction to go. But with just a laptop, a vision, a plan, and a dream....


I created BOSS MOM BRANDING. The digital platform for women to find the tools, confidence, love and support they need to take their life and business to the next level.

After 5+ years strong in my business, creating brands and empowering women has become more than a passion for me it is now my calling.


So let me help you share your story, discover your purpose and help you create the life you were always destined to have, all by simply tapping into your gifts + talents through my business mentorship courses, self-development planners and take charge of your health with my Zumba classes that are going to give you the confidence and motivation throughout your journey.

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